Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Night Football

So it looks like I lost in my fantasy football league this week. I was up by 5 with no one left to play, and my boss, whom I matched up against, had 1 guy left to go. Though he ended up dropping the football just before he entered the endzone in a premature touchdown celebration (which I'm still laughing about), he still managed to produce enough points for my team to lose. The game overall has been amazing. The thing that is most interesting to me however, is that watching an amazing game wasn't really the highlight of my night. Obviously, me losing in my fantasy football league wasn't either.

Amy has a Monday night bible study that just resumed, so tonight was Ryken and I's first Monday Night Football party. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous taking over the reigns by myself tonight. Fortunately all went well. I'd love to say that he rooted with vigor and passion, but alas, he slept until just before half time. And the only reason he woke up was because it was time for him to get his bath and head off to bed.


As I walked down the stairs after putting him to bed, the third quarter was just underway. The game continues to be amazing. At one point, a commentator mentioned how this display of athleticism justified the extreme contracts that these pro players receive. All I know is that no matter how many touchdowns are scored, or amazing plays happen, watching football with my little man was the highlight of my Monday Night Football experience.

Monday Night Footbal

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