Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Unexpected

Good luck

Feeding Ryken is always an adventure. Sometimes he eats so quickly that he spews his food across the room, other times he takes the bottle, spits it out, and then screams because he doesn't have it. When this shot was taken, I have to believe he was having a great time playing "hard to feed". Even though his emotions aren't typically displayed save for crying, or an occasional smile after soiling his linens, there just seemed to be a playfulness about him. Which is a bit ironic...

Big Saddle, Little Baby

...because he doesn't really play with his "toys" yet. Designed to be a rawkus event for kids, our little man found it to be the perfect little nap time location. It is so fun to see how the things you expect to happen never do. The unexpected moments tend to be so much better.

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