Sunday, September 14, 2008


When we moved up to the High Desert, we moved away from a great group of friends. Fortunately, we have kept in touch and remain close. Technology has helped in part, as well as both our willingness to drive and hang out with them, and their willingness to come visit us. It is by no means as much interaction as we would like, but hey, whatever works.

As a side note, technology really has made the world smaller. I know it is easy to get caught up in the time wasting aspects of it, and sure can waste your time. But on the whole, when used appropriately, it sure is amazing. I have had the pleasure of connecting with some great people in my industry via Church Marketing Sucks, stayed in contact with my brother who lives in Boston, as well as other extended family because of internet tools like Facebook and Flickr.

New Shirt

So, all that to say, some of these friends came up a few weekends ago, and one of them (Ryan) brought a shirt for me that he designed. Today, as my wife and I were watching football and eating pizza (our weekly tradition), I wanted to put a blanket on Ryken to keep him warm. Everything was dirty downstairs, but just before I made my way upstairs, I saw the shirt. So I let him break it in. I'd say he seemed to like it but to be totally honest, he could care less. Its just another thing to spit up on (see below) But it sure looks like he is in the middle of saying "Wow! What a cool shirt!". So, just between us, let's pretend that's what he was saying.

And now, Ryken's response to our little game of make believe:

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