Friday, September 19, 2008

We have moved!

In an effort to provide larger images and have a bit more flexibility over our presentation, we have moved to We would love for you to follow us over there as we continue to explore life through Photos and Stories.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Night Football

So it looks like I lost in my fantasy football league this week. I was up by 5 with no one left to play, and my boss, whom I matched up against, had 1 guy left to go. Though he ended up dropping the football just before he entered the endzone in a premature touchdown celebration (which I'm still laughing about), he still managed to produce enough points for my team to lose. The game overall has been amazing. The thing that is most interesting to me however, is that watching an amazing game wasn't really the highlight of my night. Obviously, me losing in my fantasy football league wasn't either.

Amy has a Monday night bible study that just resumed, so tonight was Ryken and I's first Monday Night Football party. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous taking over the reigns by myself tonight. Fortunately all went well. I'd love to say that he rooted with vigor and passion, but alas, he slept until just before half time. And the only reason he woke up was because it was time for him to get his bath and head off to bed.


As I walked down the stairs after putting him to bed, the third quarter was just underway. The game continues to be amazing. At one point, a commentator mentioned how this display of athleticism justified the extreme contracts that these pro players receive. All I know is that no matter how many touchdowns are scored, or amazing plays happen, watching football with my little man was the highlight of my Monday Night Football experience.

Monday Night Footbal

Sunday, September 14, 2008


When we moved up to the High Desert, we moved away from a great group of friends. Fortunately, we have kept in touch and remain close. Technology has helped in part, as well as both our willingness to drive and hang out with them, and their willingness to come visit us. It is by no means as much interaction as we would like, but hey, whatever works.

As a side note, technology really has made the world smaller. I know it is easy to get caught up in the time wasting aspects of it, and sure can waste your time. But on the whole, when used appropriately, it sure is amazing. I have had the pleasure of connecting with some great people in my industry via Church Marketing Sucks, stayed in contact with my brother who lives in Boston, as well as other extended family because of internet tools like Facebook and Flickr.

New Shirt

So, all that to say, some of these friends came up a few weekends ago, and one of them (Ryan) brought a shirt for me that he designed. Today, as my wife and I were watching football and eating pizza (our weekly tradition), I wanted to put a blanket on Ryken to keep him warm. Everything was dirty downstairs, but just before I made my way upstairs, I saw the shirt. So I let him break it in. I'd say he seemed to like it but to be totally honest, he could care less. Its just another thing to spit up on (see below) But it sure looks like he is in the middle of saying "Wow! What a cool shirt!". So, just between us, let's pretend that's what he was saying.

And now, Ryken's response to our little game of make believe:

Friday, September 05, 2008

A room with a view

I have never been a particularly clean person. You can ask anyone who knows me. I am a creative both by job and by nature. My dad was an engineer however, so I have a bent towards practicality as well - though not towards organization. In my perspective, organization is nothing more than a series of tasks that prevent you from actually being productive. I might even say organization is a form of bondage for me. Now, my wife feels quite differently. For her, organization is something that frees her. It is the primary tool to being productive. Without organization is utter chaos which, for her, is a place she doesn't enjoy being.

So far, our little man seems to be quite the flexible fellow. He travels very well, and seems to find peace in my environment:

Peace amongst chaos

To say that he appreciates my "style" of organization is probably a bit much. I have a feeling mommy whispered secrets on how to handle "daddy's chaos" as she was being amazingly organized, gracious, and peaceful once again, in the midst of the chaos that is around us.


What a joy it is to ride through the chaos with such a great crew.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Unexpected

Good luck

Feeding Ryken is always an adventure. Sometimes he eats so quickly that he spews his food across the room, other times he takes the bottle, spits it out, and then screams because he doesn't have it. When this shot was taken, I have to believe he was having a great time playing "hard to feed". Even though his emotions aren't typically displayed save for crying, or an occasional smile after soiling his linens, there just seemed to be a playfulness about him. Which is a bit ironic...

Big Saddle, Little Baby

...because he doesn't really play with his "toys" yet. Designed to be a rawkus event for kids, our little man found it to be the perfect little nap time location. It is so fun to see how the things you expect to happen never do. The unexpected moments tend to be so much better.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What a year

This blog has been an absolute joy for me to partner with my wife in creating something together. I love photography and the stories that an image can tell, and my wife is so gifted at using the written word to communicate in a creative way. It is quite obvious that we have both been a bit, well, irregular when it comes to posting.

In the time the last post was written, we have moved to the High Desert of California from Orange County, had a son (7-11-08), and purchased a fixer upper. By fixer upper, I mean a home that will demand a total of 4 months of renovations before we can even move in. We love all that has happened, and feel blessed abundantly.

Having a son has been an interesting experience for me. I want to be a solid example of what it means to be a man, husband, and father to him, but I also want to make sure I capture some of the stories that happen as our family grows together. That being said, hopefully over the next few months (and ambitiously, years), these photos that are shown here, will also be the stories of our family.


Ryken joined us earlier than we were expecting by about 5 weeks. Because of that, the first seven days of his life were spend in the NICU so he could be evaluated. We are quite blessed, as he was given a clean bill of health, and sent home with out any major issues. One of the first times he looked up at his mother was quite fitting. They were both hooked up to a cluster of machines, and I could imagine him saying, "You have wires everywhere too! We must be related!"


We have had some good times getting to know our new "little man", as we call him. Being one who loves photography, I try to find the moments that truly capture the interactions we have. The above image seems to be his attitude as we try to figure out what this whole parenting thing is all about.


But as we get the hang of things, it feels more rewarding. Though he is just a smidge away from smiling when we smile at him, we can sense that beneath that ever-thickening face of his, there is a happy boy waiting to explode out. He is blessed beyond measure to have the mother that he does. It's amazing how difficult the job being the primary caregiver really is. I am constantly amazed at my wife, and how gracious she is with him.

The stories of this blog will likely shift from fictional stories based on an abstract photograph to something much more real. We will undoubtedly continue to explore abstract worlds and unknown realities as we visit these places together - as a family.